How Drunk Driving Can Impact Your Insurance Coverage

The main reason for denied insurance coverage in British Columbia is drunk driving which led to a motor vehicle collision. If the ICBC has reason to believe that you were intoxicated at the time the accident occurred, then they will most likely deny you the coverage you would have otherwise been entitled to.
What if the police haven’t charged me for intoxicated driving?
This may even be the case when the police do not actually charge you for intoxicated driving, but rather lets you off the hook with nothing more than an administrative penalty. The same goes for a case in which you later on manage to beat the charge for intoxicated driving.
How does Roadside Suspension connect to this?
Not too long ago, a new concept – the Roadside Suspension – has been introduced as an additional part to their new overall anti-drunk driving policy. Roadside Suspension is a non-criminal charge that can be administered by any police officer. If you wish to rid yourself of this suspension, you will need to request that the police offer use a roadside screening device, and this officer will then need to refuse this request.

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The problem with this system should be immediately evident when you realize that you can be hit with a Roadside Suspension despite the officer having potentially nothing more than proof of a blood-alcohol level that is significantly below the legal limit. The legal limit being .10, whereas the limit for a Roadside Suspension sits at .05, which is not enough to actually impair somebody’s ability to drive safely. Even worse is the fact that the ICBC can use this administered Suspension and consider it as a breach of contract on your part.
Should I hide the Roadside Suspension from the ICBC?
No. If they approach you about it, you need to be honest. The Personal Injury Lawyer Coquitlam will find out about the Suspension no matter what you do, simply because they will eventually be given the police report documenting the incident. If you try to hide the Suspension in any way, then they will deem it a false statement which is also a breach of contract and give you the same result as the Suspension would have.
What happens if I file a lawsuit against the ICBC?
In that case, the ICBC will have a tough time proving the connection between the indicated impairment charge and the accident. It helps if you hire the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Surrey as they understand the nuances of the various policies and how to help you get the said compensation. They will help you sue the ICBC as and when required.